Open A cappella Community

Uniting UK a cappella under one umbrella

Rewatch the OAC 2023 – 4th March

Welcome to our community - we're here to amplify your voice.

Within the next 5 years, The OAC will establish a stronger sense of unity here in the UK, keeping the essence of ‘Open A cappella’ but enhancing our ‘connections’ rehashing the ‘competition’ and of course – starting with our ‘community’.

Open A cappella Competition 2020

Read about where we started and how it went. Our first competition was held in February 2020. Students with a dream decided now was the time.

The OAC Podcast talks with people from across the UK a cappella scene to chat all things a cappella. Hosted by OAC founder Shaquira Lue and former Warwick A Cappella Society president Lucy Rose Nixon they will share success stories, talk about how to maintain your wellbeing, and inspire you to start or continue your journey into a cappella.

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