The Festival of Hope

The Festival of Hope

The Festival of Hope is a Coventry community arts festival exploring the theme of hope in a post-pandemic world.

During our City of Culture year, we announce the Festival of Hope, a Coventry-based celebration of creativity. After we have lived through a strange time, this is the moment to inject some positive energy into the world. We are therefore encouraging artists to express hope – hope for our personal lives, our city, our nation and our world. 

The Festival is a voluntary event, and we envisage no payment being made to any administrator or artist. It is led by a group of volunteers convened by academic Orane Onyepke and community leader David Sutcliffe.

Working with the OAC

Not only do the OAC offer support for the a cappella community, but we’re constantly working with the local community to develop projects surrounding culture, community, and diversity. 

We have worked with the Festival of Hope since August of 2020 and helped their curation of their online exhibition for categories performance and music which you can find here

Founder of the OAC Shaquira Lue is now working with the FOH to create a series of three workshops surrounding memory and Caribbean Literature. The workshops resonate with what the OAC stand for – using your voice to share your story and create an open atmosphere for all. We don’t just sing – we also speak, shout and scream for justice, inclusion and equity. 


Join us on a journey to remember the past, through literature, art and movement.

Each workshop will begin with a reading from Caribbean literature, which you will be sent in advance. The readings will focus on the power of the arts to express difficult memories and tell difficult stories to acknowledge the past and work towards reconciliation.

You will be invited to share your thoughts and feelings regarding difficult memories and stories from your own communities, through art.

There will be three activities to encourage you to express your stories in different ways: through writing, visual arts and movement.

The session will end with a short discussion.

These workshops will be a safe and inclusive space, where you will be able to express difficult memories and tell challenging stories, which will be heard and discussed with compassion.

All are welcome.

Sounds great but when and where is it?

Thank you to those who came to our first round of workshops, the details of which are below. We are currently developing the idea further and looking for the next location to run our second round of workshops with a differing community. Please keep in touch if you’d like to come along – we hope to see you in future! 

This workshop will be a platform to express and meet around memories, in the hope that we can work for better understanding and inclusivity. We hope to offer you a safe space to express anger and incomprehension in order to weave reconciliation in the hope of humbly contributing to building a community where everyone has a voice in Coventry.

The sessions will be planned and facilitated by academic Orane Onyekpe-Touzet, artist Shaquira Lue and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Jade Campbell.

You can attend as many of the workshops as you like, each are unique and work as a journey but also work independently.

We hope to see you there.