The Open A cappella Competition


Exceptional Awards

Exceptional Vocal Percussion: Michael Colman

Exceptional Vocalist : Georgia Blessitt

Exceptional Arrangement: Axiom Vocals

Exceptional Choreography: The Uptone Girls

What is The Open A cappella Competition?

The Open A Cappella Competition or The OAComp, is an annual competition designed to showcase collegiate and community a cappella groups across the UK. Our inaugural competition ran in 2020 with 10 highly acclaimed groups. Since then, we’ve been running the UK’s only national a cappella competition annually – all for the love of a cappella.

The competition usually lasts 2-3 hours, packed full of excitement and fun, with each group presenting their own musical arrangements and choreography during their 10 minute time slot.

If you would like to find out a little more about the 2020 competition, click here.

If you’d like to watch our most recent 2022 competition – head over to our home page to rewatch it on youtube. 

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We are so pleased to be returning to our home venue at the Warwick Arts Centre! 

The Warwick Arts Centre Theatre seats up to 550 which gives a fantastic view of the stage with comfortable seating. Situated in the heart of Warwick University campus – it is a regular destination for students and locals of every degree! There have been a variety of acts in this venue including the best national and international plays, contemporary and international dance, music, comedians –  and soon enough some fantastic a cappella groups gracing the stage.

Here are some fab photos of the incredible space –  feel free to click this link to see it for yourself!

We would like to thank the theatre for their continued support and sponsorship, and are looking forward to hosting the competition in this beautiful space.

Our Sponsors

We’re proud to announce our sponsors for this year’s competition: 

Thank you for your continued support. 

If you would like to become a sponsor of this event and benefit from national recognition then please contact us at

We’ll be looking for partners all the way up to and beyond our event on the 12th of March.

Our 2022 Competitors

  • Algorhythm – London
  • Alvarium – University of Manchester
  • Aquapella – University of Bath 
  • Axiom Vocals – UK 
  • Bristol Suspensions – University of Bristol 


  • CU Vox – University of Cardiff
  • The Other Guys – University of St Andrews
  • The Rolling Tones – King’s College London
  • The Techtonics – Imperial College London 
  • The Uptone Girls – University of Birmingham