The Unison Project

What is The Unison Project?

The Unison Project is a collaborative video project that seeks to capture the experience of a cappella singers as they emerge from lockdown and are able, once again, to sing together. 

This is such an unusual and momentous period in history – we hope once in a lifetime –  and we think it would be amazing to capture the different perspectives and experiences within the a capella community. 

Our idea is to document this transition from lockdown to (hopefully) something close to normality post-COVID through user generated content filmed on people’s phones and small cameras.

What would it involve?

Are you interested in sharing your experience and this journey with others? At this stage of the project, we’re inviting the a cappella community to send us footage that reflects on the current situation of not being able to sing with others.

We want the footage to feel like a video diary, with you talking directly to camera about how you feel, what impact this is having on your singing, and what hopes you have for the future once lockdown starts to lift.

If you are holding online recordings or rehearsals we would love you to capture this process, including all the set ups and initial chatting amongst the group.  We are also interested in footage that you may have already captured over this last year that you are willing to share.

Are there any requirements?

We want this to be as open and accessible as possible. The only requests we’d make are:

  • that you film in landscape rather than portrait, so it’s easier to stitch the footage all together
  • that you talk about the past – what you used to do and what that meant – and also what the your hopes are for the future

Sounds great but what do I talk about?

We don’t want to tell you what to say, but here are some questions that might provide a useful jumping off point:

  • How has lockdown/Covid impacted your singing lives?
  • What have you been missing most?
  • What are you looking forward to most as lockdown eases (hopes and dreams)?
  • How has this experience made you feel about singing?

What's going to happen to all the footage?

The project has been devised by The OAC and Common Story, an independent production company based in Warwickshire.

Our plan is to edit the footage into one or more films that tell the story of this unique period in our community’s history. Our commitment to everyone submitting footage is that we will at the very least share the final edited film(s) with the acapella community in some way, but our bigger ambition is to find a platform / channel to be able to share the finished film(s) with a wider audience.

Wow! How do I sign up?

If you’d like to get involved just complete the form below. If you have any questions or want to find out more about the project email us at